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How toddlers start their academic life from a little neck daycare?

Daycare facility is like a school from where children start their formal studies. It is start of academic life and formal education starts with introducing toddlers to the outside world. At little neck daycare, toddlers learn recognizing colors, shapes, sizes and living and non-living things. Read more


What is the real objective of daycare centers?

Care isn’t the only reason for which working parents send their toddlers to daycare centers. They choose these institutions over nannies because the centers provide education in addition to taking care of the children. Of late even housewives that are able to take care of their kids are sending their children to child care institutions.

A toddler can’t speak, read and write but she can at least try speaking common names and start recognizing things from their colors, shapes and sizes. Also toddlers can learn to hold pencil and draw lines on papers. This training will help in developing their motor skills and also it will improve their IQ in the long run. At daycare centers, toddlers enjoy these and many activities.


Life is easy, safe and fun-filled at these centers. Toddlers start interacting with children of their age and parents get an opportunity to meet others and learn from others. A child care institution is like a forum where parents can meet and discuss their needs. These are some of the reasons that are making daycare centers more and more demanding. Today there is a child care institution in every residential colony.

Parents are choosing child care institutions over nannies but they are making a mistake. They choose the institutions that are closest to their homes. Ideally parents should choose the daycare centers that are the best. Objective behind sending a child to a care institution is to provide her early education she can’t get at home from a nanny.

Daycare centers that provide basic education are the best

Working parents rely on daycare centers to take care of their children during office hours and for this reason there are many facilities that provide care to toddlers. These facilities keep physical care as their objective is only to feed children and keep them clean.

Most facilities have limited their activities to providing physical care only but some facilities have included education in care. These daycare centers  provide basic education in addition to taking care of the toddlers. For instance toddlers are provided education toys with which they learn many things like shape, figures, colors and mobility.


A toy car teaches how to push objects and a ball teaches that objects that are round are easy to push on the ground. There are many things toddlers can learn from objects. Also the toddlers learn to use their fingers. They are provided pencils and erasers to write and erase. They are told to draw the things they see and feel. Daycare centers can provide basic education and they should. It is like utilizing the time toddlers spend in these facilities.

It is for the parents to find the best daycare centers for their children. Parents should leave no stone unturned in locating the best facilities. There are some factors that parents should consider when looking for the care facilities. These factors are location, fee and experience of caregivers. A facility that wants to provide basic education in addition to providing care will always employ teaching staff. Also the parents must visit the facilities before making an opinion on them.